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Vibration Research regularly hosts no-cost webinars featuring the VibrationVIEW and ObserVIEW software programs and advanced applications in vibration testing. Our webinars are typically held every third Thursday of the month and feature an interdisciplinary mix of industry experts and sales engineers who tackle real-world challenges and share practical takeaways.


June 20 – 11am EDT
Due to the Memorial Day holiday on May 27, there will be no webinar in the month of May.


Kevin Van Popering | Regional Sales Manager

Multi-axis Vibration Testing

Learning Objectives

The Vibration Research controllers can control multi-axis shakers, including electro-dynamic, servo-electric, and servo-hydraulic systems. Join us as we outline all our available multi-shaker control options including dual-axis with phase control, 3-axis (x-y-z) control, multi-loop (4-post) control, and earthquake controls.

We will cover the various shaker configurations and the control scheme for each test type. Then, we will demonstrate the various test profile setups within VibrationVIEW software. If you are currently performing multi-shaker testing, or have some need in the future, you won’t want to miss this webinar!

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We recommend downloading a free demo version of VibrationVIEW or ObserVIEW to follow along during the webinar.

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