Vibration Research designs and manufactures vibration control systems and data acquisition systems for vibration testing on electrodynamic and servohydraulic shakers. Since 1995, VR has become a pioneer in the industry and the leader in vibration control and data acquisition. Advanced hardware capabilities and software support combined with powerful, user friendly software make Vibration Research controllers the premier choice of testing labs around the globe.

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To provide engineers & technicians with superior, easy to use test technology, expert customer support and continual innovation to meet the needs of today and drive industries to the possibilities of tomorrow.


To make the world’s most innovative sound and vibration technology tools, enabling our customers to make reliable decisions and trustworthy products.


John Van Baren


Armed with 15 years of shaker, amplifier & controller engineering and a degree from University of Michigan, John saw an opportunity to start something new and innovative. He used his experience and skills to create revolutionary control systems and began Vibration Research. Since he founded VR, John has stressed the importance of reliable, easy to use control systems and continuous development of leading edge hardware and software.

Philip Van Baren


While working on his Ph.D. in Control Theory at University of Michigan, Phil joined Vibration Research in 1998 and immediately began developing software for the very first controller system. Phil is the chief author of VR control software, holds the patent on kurtosis controlled random testing, and heads the software development team at Vibration Research.

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We wear our status as a small business with pride. The opportunity to reach our customers on a personal level is one we hold with great importance. When you call, we have live representatives ready to assist. When you contact sales, you'll receive knowledgeable and honest answers, even if it means recommending a solution outside of Vibration Research. When you require product support, you'll be assisted by engineers with hands-on experience in product development. We place value in integrity and competency, which is evident in our commitment to customer satisfaction.

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