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The maximum size of a recorded file is dependent on several factors, including sample rate and test duration. There is a sample count limit of (232)-1 samples per channel. If the file size limit is exceeded in VibrationVIEW or ObserVIEW, a new .vfw file is created. The recordings must be combined for analysis.

When performing analysis with large data files and/or a high channel count, it may be beneficial to calculate the size of the recording before input. In doing so, the test engineer can determine if a recording at X sample rate and Y channel count will exceed the limit of the .vfw sample.

The recording size calculator provided by Vibration Research estimates the size of a recording based on sample rate and channel count. Enter the sample rate (Hz), channel count, test duration, and SD card size (GB) and automatically calculate the total number of samples, the recording size (GB), and the time to fill SD (hours).

For large files, we recommend storing the files on the local hard drive of a PC.

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