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VR Mobile is a tool for vibration test and measurement professionals allowing for smart setup on the ObserVR1000 or live vibration test monitoring using any iOS or Android device. It also contains engineering calculators, a light strobe, a noise SPL meter, and accelerometer. All of this from your mobile device!

Effortless Connection

Touch an ObserVR1000 with your Near Field Connection (NFC) phone and the free VR Mobile app almost instantly creates a WiFi connection. What could be simpler? The NFC touch will even help you get the app if it’s not installed. The app remembers the ObserVR1000, so you only do the touch once.

ObserVR1000 Interface

ObserVR1000 and smartphone with VR Mobile and GPSSet up and monitor the ObserVR1000 hardware as it’s collecting data. Use it to select, start, and stop recordings. Live FFT to analyze issues on the spot.

Remote Shaker Interface

Vibration Research and Elite Testing EngineersRemotely control your shaker or monitor your collecting data with any mobile device. Use it to select, start, and stop tests. Use it with sine tests to easily change sweep direction, amplitude, or hold frequency.


VR Mobile Accelerometer IconMeasure minimum, current, and maximum acceleration in each of your mobile device’s accelerometer axes. Zero out acceleration to calibrate for an uneven surface.

Sine & Shock Calculators

Shock vibration testing software


Pick between two impact types: Plastic or Elastic, and the pulse type. The shock Calculator will find the remaining two values given two inputs: Acceleration, Impact Time, Velocity Change, and Height Change

Sine vibration testing software


Enter two values out of the four between Acceleration, Frequency, Velocity, or Displacement, and the calculator will do the rest.

Max Acceleration Calculator

Live Analyzer Software Icon


Calculate the maximum amount of acceleration that a shaker (from a database or user input) can output based on the mass added to the system.

VR Mobile Unit Conversion Icon

Unit Converter

Convert Acceleration, Force, and Mass units to and from common units.

Strobe Light and Flashlight

VR Mobile Light Strobe IconStrobe your device’s screen and/or flash LED from 1Hz to 60Hz. Strobing helps one to see objects vibrating too fast for the eye to see. Turn your device’s screen and/or flash LED into a flashlight; this makes a convenient flashlight during test setups.

Noise Meter

VR Mobile Noise Meter IconMeasure minimum, current, and maximum dB from your mobile device’s microphone.

VR Mobile App Preview

VR Mobile ObserVR1000 ConfigurationVR Mobile System Information, Temperatures, StatusVR Mobile Graph

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