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Vibration Research’s U&SA is an insurance policy for your software and hardware. Invest in your team’s ability to perform effective vibration testing by providing it access to the latest software, preventative maintenance, and on-demand support.

A 1-year agreement is included with every VR hardware purchase, and renewals are available on an annual basis. To find out which software you have installed on your hardware, hold down Ctrl+Alt+D in VibrationVIEW. For reference, your U&SA date is always displayed in the lower right corner of the software program.

VR9500|VR10500 U&SA PDF


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Lifetime Hardware Warranty

A continual U&SA renewal ensures that your VR9500 and VR10500 hardware is free of defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product under warranty coverage. This warranty covers hardware failure under normal conditions and does not cover damage due to customer neglect or mistreatment.

Warranty Details

Vibration Research Lifetime Hardware Warranty

Digital multimeters

Program Benefits

Calibration Software

Every new Vibration Research hardware unit arrives freshly calibrated with a certificate of traceable calibration to the International System of Units (SI). Annual calibration verification is the prescription for your device’s continued health and performance. A current U&SA includes an Automated Calibration Verification software key. U&SA Basic provides a 50% discount on standard factory calibrations, and Premium agreements include free A2LA-accredited calibrations.

Calibration OptionsILAC MCRA A2LA Certified

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Major Software Releases

With a current U&SA, you can stay up-to-date with new software versions released annually and minor enhancements released periodically. Vibration Research is committed to solving its customers’ challenges, and most VibrationVIEW and ObserVIEW software enhancements come from customer requests and project collaboration.

VibrationVIEW 2023     ObserVIEW 2023


Vibration Research Support

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Unlimited Technical Support

Vibration Research recognizes that providing customers with high-quality support contributes significantly to their long-term success. With that in mind, VR offers unlimited technical support via phone, email, webinar, and more to customers current with their agreement. With U&SA Premium, your support case jumps to the top as a priority.

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Discounted Loaner Hardware

Sending hardware in for calibration leads to downtime in the lab. To compensate, Vibration Research offers a discount on all loaner units when customers with a current U&SA send theirs in for calibration. U&SA Basic provides a 50% discount on loaner hardware, and Premium agreements include free loaner hardware. VR ships the discounted unit to your facility to reduce downtime.


VR9500 Stacked and ObserVR1000 Stacked

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Secondary Key

Vibration Research offers a secondary unit key that can replace the main hardware unit while it is out for calibration. When a customer with a current U&SA ships the main unit to VR’s facility, their secondary unit can act as the main controller in its place to help reduce downtime.

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Training Included

Vibration Research offers courses for vibration testing professionals’ continuing education. These courses help laboratories become more efficient and knowledgeable in the vibration testing industry. Keep ahead of the competition by learning about and using the latest technology!

Vibration Research Seminar

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ObserVR1000 Warranty

Vibration Research warrants the ObserVR1000 hardware to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for one year after purchase. This warranty covers hardware failure under normal conditions and does not cover damage due to neglect or mistreatment.

Warranty Details

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ObserVR1000 Battery

Vibration Research warrants the ObserVR1000 internal battery to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for one year after purchase. This warranty covers hardware failure under normal conditions and does not cover damage due to neglect or mistreatment.

ObserVR1000, VR9500 and VR10500 Product Stack

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Analyzer Functions

VibrationVIEW’s Analyzer software module helps you better understand the complex relationships between signals that are not readily apparent in a basic graph. Analyzer enhances Sine, Random, and Shock tests by comparing spectral characteristics of two signals. It includes additional graphing capabilities, configurable function generators, and more. U&SA Premium includes an Analyzer software key.

Analyzer Software

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Instant Degrees of Freedom (iDOF)

Vibration Research’s random PSD averaging method provides the smoothest control lines in the industry. VibrationVIEW’s iDOF® software module allows you to run highly accurate vibration tests in a condensed period, ensuring that the product is tested for just the right amount of time. iDOF is a Random software add-on (VR9210), and U&SA Premium includes an iDOF software key.

iDOF Software

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Math Traces

VibrationVIEW’s calculator tool allows you to define a math function derived from standard traces, test parameters, or test results and plot the function as a graph trace. Math Traces can also evaluate a function throughout a test and plot a time-history waveform of the results. U&SA Premium includes a Math Traces software key.

40 Uses for Math Traces

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Web & Email

With VibrationVIEW’s Web Server software modules, you can monitor a system’s status anywhere in the company or in the world on a cell phone or computer. The Web Server and Email Notifications modules eliminate expensive downtime. You can send emails to your cell phone at the end of a test or view the test live with the Remote Interface option. U&SA Premium includes a Web Server and Email Notifications software key.

Web Server Software

Remote Interface VibrationVIEW screenshot

ObserVR1000, VR9500 and VR10500 Product Stack

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Live Analyzer

ObserVIEW’s Live Analyzer software module enables the Vibration Research hardware to perform as a real-time dynamic signal analyzer. With the data DVR feature, you can pause a live stream to select, analyze, and export a section of the time waveform and use advanced graphs for post-process analysis in real-time. A current U&SA provides a Live Analyzer software key.

Live Analyzer Software

Why Buy an Upgrades & Support Agreement?


Your U&SA includes continual extensions to the 3-year full hardware warranty at purchase. Keeping your U&SA up to date means you have a lifetime warranty: a terrific controller hardware insurance policy. U&SA also includes continual software updates, so you can always access our latest features, essentially a software insurance policy. Like any insurance, the value lies in risk avoidance.


When VR’s support experts help your team solve a testing problem, you save time and money. If the fully burdened cost of a test engineer is $100/hour (conservative), and VR support reduces your problem resolution from 8 hours to 2 hours on ten problems a year, then the savings are $100 x 6 x 10 = $6,000.


VR support experts do more than solve problems: they help test engineers work more efficiently. It may be quickly honing in on the best test method for a specific product issue or sharing tips on faster ways to create reports. Even a slight boost in efficiency delivers value to your business. The $100/hour (fully burdened) engineer costs $200,000 a year. A 5% efficiency increase is worth $10,000.

Assess your situation

How much downtime risk is acceptable?
What are realistic calculations for savings related to faster problem resolution and the value of increased test engineer efficiency?

We’re confident that you’ll see the value in your U&SA.

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