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Independent environmental test laboratories are a convenient option for customers to outsource tests. Many of them trust Vibration Research control software and support for the best results.

VibrationVIEW Software Package




Test Acceleration

Sine Resonance Track & Dwell (SRTD)

Mixed Mode

Field Data Replication (FDR)

Remote Options

Web Server

File Sharing and Reporting

VibrationVIEW screenshot with Microsoft ExcelAll systems include a robust reporting package that automatically generates sophisticated, presentation-ready reports at the end of a test. Select a pre-packaged report template and add information such as the technician, customer name, time, date, test parameters, and more. Alternatively, create custom-branded reports.


Our industry-leading vibration control & dynamic signal analyzer hardware includes:

  • High channel count vibration controllers compatible with all shakers
  • Vibration control software with customized reporting
  • Portable dynamic signal analyzer to record field data
  • Signal analysis software to view, edit, and analyze waveforms
  • Mobile application for remote monitoring/control
  • Electrodynamic shaker systems with a shaker and power amplifier

Product collage with ObserVIEW on tablet, ObserVR1000, VibrationVIEW on laptop, VR9500, VR10500, and Shaker

Lifetime Hardware Warranty

Lifetime Hardware Warranty from Vibration Research

Vibration Research warrants the controller hardware to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product.

Software Packages

Configure your software package with as many or as few test modules as you’d like (à la carte) and add more at any time.

The control software modules are activated by electronic keys, so you can rent modules short term. Not sold on a rental or purchase? Feel free to try the software for a week or two.

Test Sequencer

Run vibration tests sequentially without interference or loop one or more tests. The tests can be the same type of application, or you can switch modes as part of the test sequence.

Web Server Software

With Web Server and Email Notifications, monitor a system’s status anywhere with a cell phone or computer. The Web and Email options eliminate expensive downtime. Send the emails to you or your customer’s cell phone at the end of a test or view the test live with the Remote Interface option.


Monitor Multiple Tests Simultaneously

The DashboardVIEW application allows you to organize web pages in a tile view for a custom internet dashboard. In the VibrationVIEW control software, set up a web server for each instance of the software. Then, use DashboardVIEW to monitor the tests simultaneously for both safety and analysis.

DashboardVIEW screenshot

Mix & Match Controllers with Shakers

Control modules can be used independently on separate shakers or linked into a single stack for jobs requiring a higher channel count (up to 512 channels total). This cost-effective solution creates substantial savings for our customers.

One 12-channel Control System or 3 separate 4-channel Control Systems

Copy > Paste in Excel & Word

Copy and paste vibration test profiles and graphs between VibrationVIEW and Microsoft Word/Excel. This feature is especially useful when sharing profiles with colleagues, entering data from a customer, or entering lengthy or complicated test profiles.

VibrationVIEW screenshot with Microsoft Excel

Replicate Field Data

Replicate the original environment of a product using recorded data. The result is a test profile that closely reflects—or is the equivalent to—the field environment.

Fatigue Damage Spectrum FDS software logo VR


Use recorded data to create an accelerated random test that represents a lifetime of fatigue damage.

Field Data Replication (FDR) software icon VR


Reproduce recorded field acceleration measurements on a shaker. The software performs an iterative time-history playback to replicate waveforms.

Sine Tracking Analysis Generation (STAG) software icon VR


Generate an accurate representation of an environment with dominant sinusoidal vibration and background random vibration, such as an engine environment.

Test Labs Using VR Products

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Failed Part Notification

With triggering, signal the start of the recording to a remote team, send a digital signal to a verification light, or notify your team to inspect a failed part.

Common Test Lab Specifications

Access test templates for common standards or create your own.

  • VibrationVIEW ASTM folder in the libraryASTM Series
  • ISTA Series
  • ISO Series
  • SAE J1211
  • GM3172
  • MIL-STD-810G
  • MIL-STD-810H
  • GR-63-CORE
  • IEEE344

Data Recording & Analysis Applications

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Vibration Control Applications

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