Vibration Controller Software & Hardware


Set up and monitor vibration tests with automated customized Microsoft Word and Excel reports. Configure the control software for as many or as few test modules as you’d like (à la carte). Pick your control hardware based off specified needs.



Small force vibration testing equipment and shakers for product and modal analysis testing. Each system consists of a shaker and a matching linear direct-coupled power amplifier. Additional components may be added to the basic system to tailor it to your specific needs.

Signal Analysis Hardware & Software

VR Mobile

Collect data with the press of a button using battery powered hardware and a mobile interface. Stream to the SD card while running other test modes, or use independently as a field data recorder and analysis package.

Dynamic Signal Analysis Software


View, edit, and analyze field recordings. Create your own vibration tests based off your own gathered field data. Also, generate Sine on Random tests reflective of environments with dominant rotational tones that are rendered as sine tones on a shaker table.

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