Aerospace Vibration Testing

Aerospace vibration testing requires adequate test severities and consistent, repeatable results. Vibration Research offers many aerospace testing solutions, including short-duration random tests, high-channel-count control, shock response spectrum, and more.

VibrationVIEW Software Package




Shock Response Spectrum (SRS)

Instant Degrees of Freedom (iDOF)

Mixed Mode


Small Satellite

Fulfill Test Specifications

Generate test profiles or enter specifications with ease. The VibrationVIEW interface is intuitive and user-friendly, and the software is industry-leading. Access standard vibration testing modes built for ease of use and advanced features you won’t find anywhere else.

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Random Vibration Testing

VibrationVIEW Random test data screenshot

Validate Reliability

In VibrationVIEW, fulfill test standards with random software features such as:

  • Frequency/amplitude breakpoint table (up to 9,999 entries)
  • Individual channel tolerances (PSD and RMS)
  • Control and channel aborts (RMS)
  • Spectral limiting/notching
  • Multi-channel average and extremal control
  • 50 to 26,000 lines of control (or up to 50,000Hz with the VR9203 High-Frequency option)
  • Probability density function (PDF) display

Random Software

Kurtosis Control – Kurtosion

Present-day methods of random testing assume a Gaussian mode of distribution where the kurtosis value equals three. However, not all data fit Gaussian distribution, and this assumption can result in under-testing.
A better method is to adjust the distribution of data to reflect the field environment, which involves the adjustment of kurtosis.

Kurtosion is a closed-loop method of kurtosis control developed by Vibration Research. It allows for the adjustment of kurtosis levels while maintaining the test profile and spectrum attributes.

Short Duration Testing – iDOF

Instant Degrees of Freedom (iDOF) employs an advanced algorithm to deliver accurate and low-variance PSD estimates that are calculated quicker than traditional averaging. With iDOF, a test engineer can verify that the control PSD is within tolerance and determine how the test affects the DUT. Most importantly, the engineer can stop the test before the energy from a vibration resonance inflicts damage.

Force Limiting

Prevent Over-Testing

  • Apply a force limit to one or multiple axes during a sine sweep.
  • Sum the output of the force transducers and notch on the total force applied during a Random test.

Copy > Paste in Excel & Word

Copy and paste vibration test profiles and graphs between VibrationVIEW and Microsoft Word/Excel. This feature is especially useful when sharing profiles with colleagues, entering data from a customer, or entering lengthy or complicated test profiles.

VibrationVIEW screenshot with Microsoft Excel

High Channel Count Systems


VR10500 Vibration Controller

The VR10500 is a high-powered option for advanced vibration testing. VR engineered the VR10500 to coordinate with high-channel-count and multi-shaker systems.


  • 16 channel count system (minimum 8 channels)
  • Up to 512 input channels
  • Multiple shaker systems
  • Up to 6 outputs (4 analog and 2 digital)
  • Controller and analyzer combination
  • Advanced controller configurations

Shaker Compatibility

VR’s controllers and control software are compatible with any shaker.


Our qualified sales team can work with you to select the right equipment at the right price. We’ll put together a custom package of hardware, software, and shakers for all your foreseeable testing needs.


Large electrodynamic and servo hydrolic shakers

ObserVR1000 with GSM 4000

ObserVR1000 & VR Mobile

The ObserVR1000 hardware can be controlled remotely with the VR Mobile application, which runs on a smartphone or tablet using a WiFi connection. Set up, monitor, and modify field data recording without a wired configuration.

VR Mobile

Autonomous DAQ

Observe live data recording from any mobile device. Select, start, and stop the test; analyze issues with a live FFT display.

Define any number of triggering events to record data without interference. Save processing time, capture transient events, drive external equipment, and more.

Configure a dual or quadrature tachometer to measure rotation. Encoder types include wheel, rotational, or scalar.

View position updates at about 1Hz along with GPS timebase synchronization. Then, play the GPS media files in sync with a waveform recording.

Shock Vibration Testing

Shock software module icon

Classical Shock

Perform closed-loop control of transient waveforms and access the most used classical shock pulses in the industry. Learn more.

User Defined Transient Software Icon

User-Defined Transient Waveform Control

Create arbitrary periodic waveforms and have better control over short-duration time history files, transient events, and short load data. Learn more.

SRS Software Icon

Shock Response Spectrum

Evaluate a device’s response to a transient event likely to occur in the end environment; define SRS parameters and synthesize a pulse to meet a specified SRS curve. Learn more.

Using Recorded Data to Improve SRS Development

A modified user waveform based on an enveloped set of recordings maintains real-world characteristics and creates an SRS waveform that accurately reflects the recorded events.

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Mix & Match Controllers with Shakers

Product stack with ObserVR1000, VR9500 and VR10500

Control modules can be used independently on separate shakers or linked into a single stack for jobs requiring a higher channel count (up to 512 channels total).

This cost-effective solution creates substantial savings for our customers.

One 12-channel Control System or 3 separate 4-channel Control Systems

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Test Specifications

  • LLIS-0785
  • LLIS-0775
  • LLIS-0787
  • SMC-S-016

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Vibration Control Applications Summary

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