Aerospace Vibration Testing

When testing critical, high-value products it’s essential to understand the extent of random vibration conditions and product responses during start-up. This is especially important on short duration tests, as hidden test conditions would lead to product designs based on under or over-testing.

Applicable Defense Vibration Control Software

Sine software icon VR


Enter two values out of the four between Acceleration, Frequency, Velocity, or Displacement, and the calculator will do the rest.

Sine Resonance Track & Dwell software icon VR


Automatically detect transmissibility peaks from a sine sweep, and then dwell tests (time or cycles) run at those resonances.

Random software icon VR


Run Controlled spectrum random tests (tests with a spectrally shaped gaussian amplitude distribution).

Instant Degrees of Freedom (iDoF) software icon VR


Run Controlled spectrum random tests (tests with a spectrally shaped gaussian amplitude distribution).

Sine-on-Random software icon VR


Run mixed-mode tests with sine tones superimposed on a random background.

Copy > Paste with Excel & Word in VibrationVIEW

VibrationVIEW screenshot with Microsoft ExcelCopy & Paste Vibration Test Profiles and Graphs into and out of Microsoft Word & Excel. This is especially useful when sharing profiles with colleagues or entering from a customer or even those lengthy and difficult test profiles.

Full VibrationVIEW Software Package

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Commonly Used Aerospace Test Specifications

Blackhawk helicopters


Instant Degrees of Freedom

Something is awry with a PSD estimate that achieves total in-tolerance immediately after the test begins or immediately after a change in level, and this can hide dangerous over or under test conditions within specific frequency bands, and should be  voided. The proper method of dealing with level changes, as well as a PSD estimation method that accurately and quickly estimates the true signal PSD significantly faster than the traditional averaging method: Instant Degrees of Freedom® (iDOF).

Short Duration Random Launch Application

Too often, vibration tests are run to “force fit” a smooth line by running them at a low level (below demand) and taking that averaged PSD and simply multiplying it by a factor to bring it to full level. This method is invalid as it’s based on the false assumption that the behaviors of a product at a high level would exactly mimic that of it at a low level. This vibration testing protocol is unfortunately very common and is exactly why high value products are over and under tested.

Harness the exactness, efficiencies and peace-of-mind that iDOF now offers to vibration control practitioners.

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iDOF White Paper PDF

Using Data to Improve SRS Development

Shock Response Spectra (SRS) testing uses a synthesized pulse to drive a shaker, simulating a transient event.  Originally developed to replicate Seismic shocks, the SRS approach is also widely used for defense and aerospace applications.
Simple SRS model

SRS White Paper

User Defined Transient Waveform Control

UDT allows for the creation of arbitrary periodic waveforms. UDT can better control short duration time history files, transient events, or very short road load data.

Aerospace Companies Using VR Products

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Aerospace High Q Resonance Applications

High Channel Count Capability

VR’s vibration controller and vibration control software are comparable with any electrodynamic or servohydraulic shaker. Even better, our controller comes with a lifetime hardware warranty when your maintenance is current. High channel count vibration testing is common in the Aerospace industry. A VR10500 is easily configured for up to 512 channels. Try one out for free with ALL software enabled today!

VR10500 Front Panel

Quick and Painless DAQ & Analysis

Our Aerospace customers find this hardware easy to use and intuitive. Not sure? Ask for a demo unit and see for yourself. 16 channel data acquisition that can be monitored easily from your mobile device.

ObserVR1000 Mobile Testing

Data Acquisition & Analysis Applications Summary

  • Event Triggering
  • Transient Capture
  • Flight Recording
  • High Channel Count DAQ
  • GPS
  • In-cabin Data Acquisition
  • Fuselage Components
  • Helicopter and Jet Vibration
  • Video/Data Synchronization
  • Order Tracking Analysis
  • PSD Analysis
  • FFT Analysis
  • And more…

Full Analysis Software List

Vibration Control Applications Summary

  • Component Durability
  • Helicopter and Jet Vibration
  • Random shake testing
  • Drop-Shock Testing
  • Classical Shock Testing
  • Swept-Sine Testing
  • Pyrotechnic SRS Testing
  • Flight Simulation Testing
  • Launch Simulation Testing
  • Component Durability & Fatigue
  • Stress Screening
  • Search & Destroy Resonance
  • And more…

Full Control Software List

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