Fundamentals of Shock Response Spectra (SRS)


Author Jade Vande Kamp

Test engineers use the shock response spectrum (SRS) to evaluate an item’s theoretical response to a potential transient event. It is an accepted method of complex shock testing. Learning the fundamentals of this method is the first step to getting started with SRS testing.

The Fundamentals of Shock Response Spectra (SRS) webinar begins with an overview of the SRS, including its history and basic theory. It offers a simplified description of the SRS and discusses the terminology unique to this test type.

This webinar also discusses SRS test standards, including the pertinent information to pull and how to enter it into the VibrationVIEW software. It provides a tutorial on the software along with helpful tips. The latter half of the video includes troubleshooting tips, such as common SRS test control problems and what to do if your pulse does not meet SRS requirements.

Follow along in the VibrationVIEW software by downloading the demo version.

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