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Advantages to Higher Lines of Random Resolution

Vibration Control

26,000 Lines of Resolution

The first advantage is low-frequency control. An inherent limitation to all vibration controllers is the control roll-off, which is approximately 6dB between frequency lines. With lower lines of resolution, the resulting frequency “bins” are too wide and cannot quickly drop the control excitation. Higher lines of resolution result in narrower frequency “bins” and the control roll-off is much sharper. This also has the advantage of requiring less displacement from your shaker, up to 20% less. Graph A illustrates this with the blue trace at 400 lines and the red trace at 26,000 lines.

Resolution graphResonance graph
The second advantage to higher lines of resolution is a more accurate and realistic excitation of resonances. The same principle applies here when dealing with wider (low resolution) or narrower (higher resolution) frequency “bins”. As a rule of thumb, for the best and most accurate control/excitation of resonances, a minimum of three resolution “bins” should exist at the 3dB frequency bandwidth of the resonance. Graph B illustrates these points with the blue trace at 400 lines and the red trace at 26,000 lines. Note the difference in the peak of the resonance between the two resolutions.

Low Noise Floor

When it comes to an extremely quiet controller, the VR9500 is unmatched. Our exceptional multi-pole analog filtering with digital filtering provides you with the lowest possible noise floor.

low noise floor

Handy RMS Calculator (Excel)


June 28, 2018


Jared Van Baren


Vibration Control

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