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Intertek provides testing and certification services for a variety of commercial and electrical products, including product safety testing and certification, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing, performance testing, and management systems certification. These services provide global market access to customers in industries such as automotive, building products, cabling/wiring products, consumer products, food service, furniture, household appliances, HVAC, industrial machinery, IT, lighting, life safety/security, medical devices, power systems, retail, semiconductors, telecom/radio, wireless equipment. Contact our office at 734-591-9161 or visit for more information

Experior Laboratories, Inc.

Experior Laboratories, Inc is a Southern California based, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), MIL-STD-790 and ISO 17025 approved, third-party test laboratory providing independent design verification and qualification testing services to component and system manufacturers, military contractors, integrators and system providers within the Telecommunication, Military, Aerospace, Space, Industrial, Medical and many other industries.

Experior Labs specializes in creating high-performing and demanding vibration and shock tests environments and houses multiple state-of-the-art vibration, Pyro- and classical mechanical shock systems that can handle the most demanding test specifications; Vibration systems offer up to 80,000lbf and 8,000lbs payload capability and shock systems offer >30,000g and 500lbs payload capability.
Experior Laboratories, Inc.

Elite Electronics Engineering

Our 45,000 square foot Downers Grove, IL facility offers 27 RF test chambers in various configurations, sizes, absorber linings, power supplies and monitoring systems that can be tailored to your exact testing needs. RF chamber options include:

Whole vehicle (reverberation or anechoic lined).
Large Semi-anechoic Rooms
Reverberation (mode stirred or mode tuned)
3-meter indoor FCC registered site
Several CISPR 25 compliant chambers
Controlled atmosphere ESD testing
Full environmental stress test laboratory; Vibration, Temperature, and others
High power electrical service
Compressed air, cooling water
Shipping docks capable of receiving extremely large equipment—and a forklift with a one-ton lifting capacity
Convenient access to hotels, restaurants, highways.


Element is one of the most diversified and advanced testing and development laboratories in the world. Within the company’s 100,000 square feet of testing space, Element-Warren performs environmental, vibration/shock, mechanical, chemical and operational durability testing on products including full vehicles, electronics, hybrid batteries, fuel systems and components, body systems and structures.


DDL’s technical experts are industry leaders in medical device package, product and material validation (ISO 11607) and can help ensure that you comply with industry standards and regulations. We pride ourselves on quick turnaround time, accurate reports and excellent customer service. Our new facility in Fountain Valley, CA also includes a design center to help you with rapid time to market for package design. To better serve you, DDL also has labs located in Minnesota and New Jersey!


CSZ Testing is an A2LA Accredited test laboratory with locations in Sterling Heights, MI and Cincinnati, OH serving a wide range of industries including automotive, defense, electricals, medical and more. The labs provide a full range of environmental & climatic testing services including temperature cycling, humidity, and /or Vibration, shock testing, HALT & HASS, thermal shock, vibration testing, drop testing, altitude simulation, salt spray, and cyclic corrosion. To accommodate a wide range of product sizes, shapes and materials, CSZ’s test technicians routinely customize testing services to meet unique requirements. Visit for more information.

Cascade Tek

  1. ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited, ISTA Certified and DOD Approved Testing Facilities
  2. Full Range of Dynamic & Climatic Test Capabilities
  3. Test Certifications/Reports are Delivered Quickly & Electronically
  4. MIL-STD, SAE, ISTA & RTCA DO-160 Specification Expertise

Advanced Testing & Engineering

Advanced Testing & Engineering is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited Mechanical Testing Laboratory. Specialists in Vibration and Durability testing for the automotive, truck, bus, and off-road industries. Custom test cells can include electrodynamic shakers systems coupled with slip tables, high-temperature burners (1150°C for exhaust simulation), anechoic chamber for noise evaluation, and environmental chambers.

  1. 9 electrodynamic shakers systems (5,000 to 20,000 lbs-f)
  2. Sine, random, sine on random, shock, and Kurtosian
  3.  slip tables
  4. 10 high-temperature burners

Applied Technical Services

ATS (located in Marietta, GA) is a materials testing and consulting engineering firm with extensive testing services and inspection capabilities. Our ISO 9001 certified and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited quality assurance program meets the Nuclear Quality Requirements of 10 CFR 50 Appendix B, Part 21 and ANSI/ASME NQA-1.


The Dynamics capabilities include:

  1. Complete range of electrodynamic shakers coupled with AGREE chambers
  2. Triaxial Seismic Qualification – IEEE 344
  3. On-site data acquisition and lab replication
  4. Temperature/RH chambers (walk-in)
  5. U.V. / Corrosion

Baxter Reliability Laboratory

NIU’S Baxter Reliability Laboratory is equipped to meet thermal, vibration and functional test requirements. External customers may provide their own specific test requirements. The laboratory personnel are experts in handling a variety of product validation test needs, product robustness testing (HALT/HASS), electrical stress testing, immunity (IEC 61000-4) testing, environmental stress screening (ESS), drop testing (GR-63-CORE), and accelerated life testing. Additional Reliability functions provided include thermal analysis, reliability predictions (MTBF, availability, and failure rate), warranty calculations, and statistical analysis.

The companies listed offer testing services and utilize Vibration Research controllers for their vibration testing. VR does not guarantee or certify any of the testing provided by the below laboratories, nor is VR compensated for these listings. This page simply provides information on VR customers who provide independent testing services. Any VR customers who provide independent testing services may be listed on this page.

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