Newton's Law (F=ma) Calculator


Newton’s law states that the force required to accelerate an object of mass (m) at an acceleration (a) is equal to the product of m and a. The equation, F=ma, is the basis for sizing shakers and determining if a shaker can perform a shock or vibration test.

The more mass on a shaker, the less acceleration it can produce, and vice versa. All shakers have a force rating that determines what combination of mass and acceleration can be achieved.

The F=ma calculator provided by Vibration Research will compute force, mass, or acceleration using Newton’s law. To perform a calculation, enter the values for two variables, then click the field for the desired value. Select a unit from the drop-down menu to perform unit conversions.

F=MA Calculator


Having an issue reaching max acceleration?

If the force does not equal the product of mass and acceleration, double-check that you included all the moving masses, including the armature. When you add the weight of the armature and any other moving mass (such as a driver bar when connecting a slip table to the armature), the maximum weight of the test item is reduced. The equation is correct, but remember to add all the moving masses.

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