Perfecting the Sine Test - Version 2015


Author Jade Vande Kamp

Length: 43m 30s

Searching for resonances has never been easier; Sine performs closed loop control of fixed and swept sine vibration. The digital control algorithm provides time and frequency calculations using floating point math calculations, resulting in frequency changes as small as 1 millionth of a Hertz to produce a smooth and continuous sweep.

Test options with the VR9500 control system

With the VR9500 Revolution control system you have a plethora of test options available to you. Want to try a test package before you you buy it ? No problem, just contact us or your local sales representative and we’ll send you a temporary key (all features open for a fixed time period – excludes Random Import and Fatigue Damage options).

  • Sine
  • Sine Resonance PhaseTrack & Dwell (RSTD)
  • Random
  • Sine-on-Random
  • Random-on-Random
  • Sine-on-Sine (Multi-Sine)
  • Sine & Random-on-Random
  • Kurtosion®
  • Random Import
  • Shock
  • Shock Response Spectrum (SRS)
  • User Defined Transient
  • Transient Capture
  • Fatigue Damage Spectrum
  • Field Data Replication(long time-history playback)

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