Powerful Features

work more efficiently, avoid risk, and save precious time

Cursors/Annotation capabilities include Standard, Harmonic, Delta, Slope, Min, Max, etc.

Drag and Drop graphs and data to Microsoft Word/Excel

Live Analyzer Data Buffer and Export to VFW

Export edited time waveform for use in Field Data Replication

Do More with your data

Analyze data then create a random test profile


Sine Tracking Analysis & Generation

Generate Sine on Random tests reflective of environments with dominant rotational tones that are rendered as sine tones on a shaker table. STAG is a real-world evaluation for products that may experience these dominant sinusoidal components, such as engine components.

Sine Tracking Analysis & Generation


Live Analyzer

Analysis in real time

With Live Analyzer, you don’t have to wait until post-process to begin data analysis. View data in real-time, and then pause the live stream to select, analyze, and export a section of the time waveform. Access the ObserVIEW graphing packages, employ averaging, analyze tachometer channels, and more.

Live Analysis

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