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Author Cherie Stoll

Vibration Research’s Accelerometer Calibration software automatically calibrates and verifies piezoelectric sensors. Piezoelectric accelerometers are a popular choice for vibration testing because they are well-suited for both vibration and shock tests and are available in many sensitivities, sizes, and weights. VR’s software works on both IEPE and charge-mode-type piezoelectric sensors.

Calibration determines an accelerometer’s sensitivity at various frequencies of interest. A calibration schedule helps detect incorrect sensor sensitivity and discovers sensor defects so we can have confidence in our test results. Even if we have a quality controller and shaker system, our transducer must be able to control and detect vibration properly.

VR recommends accelerometer calibration once a year. It uses the back-to-back comparison method for accelerometer calibration per ISO 16063-21. It is the most convenient and least expensive technique, approved by the International Society of Automation (ISA).

With the Accelerometer Calibration software, you can calibrate in-house, saving time and money. This webinar discusses piezoelectric sensor calibration, specifically with an accelerometer. It discusses the requirements and setup for running a calibration in the VibrationVIEW software and offers a tutorial in the software.

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