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View All Data Files For Free

Author Jared Van Baren

What Changed?

Since the release of VibrationVIEW 2016, Demonstration Mode opens VibrationVIEW data from shaker tests, copy-and-paste traces, add annotations, generate new graphs, and create reports using data files generated from real tests. Creating and simulating runs of test profiles are still available from demonstration mode, but now real test results are also available. File Viewer license and activation were required to do anything with real data on a PC NOT connected to a VR Controller prior to VibrationVIEW 2016. This exciting feature carries forward in our newly released VibrationVIEW 2017 software.

How does this benefit you?

    • Review test results at your desk with no additional license required
    • Download VibrationVIEW on any PC and look at test data files in VibrationVIEW file format, or export results to Matlab®, .csv, or any other supported file format
    • Drag and drop test results and graphs to other applications such as Microsoft® Excel or Word
    • VibrationVIEW cursors, scaling, and zooming allow you to document and research using test results
    • Send the report and data files to your customers (internal and external) so they can see exactly what you’re seeing
    • Demonstration Mode must be registered, but it’s FREE with zero hassle. You may register and activate your File Viewer license but it only adds value when purchased with the optional FDS or SRS standalone Software.
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