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Knowledge retention is essential for a smooth staff transition, but it is not always possible for experienced employees to train new ones. For employees and employers alike, Vibration Research’s training classes and free educational materials will prove indispensable for imparting information from industry leaders to those taking on a new role in vibration testing. Get started today!

Getting Started


Vibration Research offers a vast library of resources. The vibration theory courses at Vibration Research University (VRU) provide a thorough introduction to vibration and the basic testing types.

Vibration Research Sine vibration testing softwareSine Testing

The sine wave is fundamental to vibration testing, and engineers use it to identify resonances and validate fixtures.

Sine on random SoR softwareRandom Testing

Random waveforms are standard in vibration testing because they reflect the real world.

Shock vibration testing softwareShock Testing

A shock test outputs a short-duration and non-periodic impulse, and many test specifications require it for product qualification.

ApplicationVR Product Collage

Vibration Research provides all the information you will need to begin setting up and running vibration tests using its software and hardware.

Demonstration Mode

Both software programs have a free demo mode where users can set up a test to simulate controller operation and view and playback data files (VibrationVIEW), view and edit waveforms from live or recorded data (ObserVIEW), and more.

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VR University

VRU LogoVRU offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empowers learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. We tackle sine and random testing, preventative maintenance, multi-axis testing, calibration, and more.

Create an Account

Account-holders can apply their new skills by taking a quiz at the end of the course. They can also track their progress and receive a certificate of completion to share on LinkedIn or resumes.


Basics of Setting Up A Vibration Test

Getting started with vibration testing does not need to be daunting. This introductory eBook covers the basics of setting up and running a vibration test and will have any engineer on their way to stepping into a vibration testing role.

This free eBook covers:

  • Selecting a test type, shaker, and additional equipment
  • Correctly setting up the system and entering test parameters
  • Evaluating test results and generating a report

Test Troubleshooting

Are you ready to begin testing? We are still here if you need us! VibrationVIEW and ObserVIEW have basic to advanced features, and we want you to get the most out of your software. If you’re wondering if your test process could be improved or are inquiring about performing a specific task, let us know.

Help File

The Help file in the software is an excellent resource for instructions within the software. Select the question mark icon in the software for more context.

Calculators & Tools

Access free downloadable calculators and tools to assist with system setup and test development, such as:

  • Newton’s law (F=MA) calculator for shaker sizing
  • Recording size calculator for data acquisition
  • Uses for math traces: adding custom math operations to data plots

In-software Help Request

If you are experiencing trouble with a test profile, you can send your waveform recording file to VR support directly from the software. Enable network logging under Configuration > Hardware then select Help > Help with current test.


VR seminars are ideal for test engineers and others who want to understand the basics of VibrationVIEW/ObserVIEW software as well as their advanced applications and features. The presentations cater to users of the VR9500 and VR10500 vibration controllers and the ObserVR1000 dynamic signal analyzer.

9:00am to 4:00pm EST each day

  • $780 per attendee; $340 for each additional attendee from the same company
  • Classroom seminar fees include continental breakfast, lunch, snacks/beverages, and seminar materials
  • Hotel reservations are the responsibility of the seminar participant; events in Grand Rapids typically happen at or around the Courtyard Hotel

11:00am to 5:00pm EST each day with intermittent breaks

  • $780 per company stream for VibrationVIEW; $340 per company stream for ObserVIEW
  • Live stream seminar fees include seminar materials
  • We use for all our training sessions

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Upgrades & Support Agreement

Lifetime Hardware Warranty from Vibration ResearchVibration Research recognizes that providing customers with high-quality support contributes significantly to their long-term success.

With this in mind, it offers unlimited technical support via phone, email, webinar, and more to customers current with their Upgrades & Support Agreement.


VR10500 vibration controllers stacked

Continuing Education

Monthly Webinars

Vibration Research is pleased to provide free live webinars each month. We welcome test engineers and anyone else who would like to understand the basics of Vibration Research software and learn about its advanced applications and features.

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