Aerospace and Defense Vibration & Shock Testing


Author Marc Brown

Aerospace engineers perform several verification tests throughout the process of designing and manufacturing spacecraft. Verification determines if a test article can withstand the mission’s environmental conditions and identifies potential defects.

Test standards provide repeatable verification methods, ensuring that results from one laboratory/test engineer can be reproduced by another, and adequate test severities. Aerospace and defense test standards include NATO standards (STANAG 4370, AECTP 400), national defense standards (MIL-STD-810, Def Stan 00-35), and aerospace/commercial aircraft standards (RTCA DO160, EUROCAE/ED-14, IEC60068 & 60721).

In this webinar, Vibration Research’s UK Country Manager discusses the role of aerospace and defense test standards. They explain general test controls such as control strategies/averaging, motion control, and limiting/notching, and discuss how to get consistent and repeatable results. A particular emphasis is given to cross-axis acceleration control and random test control parameters.

Aerospace Testing

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