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View GPS Data in ObserVIEW

Data Acquisition

Author Cherie Stoll

The ObserVR1000 analyzer hardware can power an optional GPS. Then, the user can view GPS statistics and interact with the map post-process in ObserVIEW.

The GPS includes position updates at about 1Hz as well as GPS time base synchronization. The user can apply this information to their analysis and add it to a report.

MapVIEW in ObserVIEW

Replay > View GPS Data opens a map view with GPS data markers. The software requires the NMEA file to have a timestamp that matches the current time data. The GPS map and associated data may be referred to as “MapVIEW” in the ObserVIEW software.

replay tab in ObserVIEW

MapVIEW allows the user to view GPS data as markers on a map. The user can hover over data points to view the statistics. A triangle marker indicates the head nearest to the end of the time range, and a square marker indicates the tail nearest to the beginning of the time range.

The color of each marker within the time range indicates the speed of the recorder in MPH. Speed is represented on an RGB scale, and gray represents a marker that falls outside the time range.

MapVIEW in ObserVIEW

The GPS map can be manipulated using the same interactions as other ObserVIEW graphs. They can change the number of data points and switch between and GPS and satellite view. The data can then be copied or exported for reporting purposes.

The ObserVIEW basic license allows the user to view the GPS data associated with the time waveform. The Advanced license with Multimedia Sync is required to synchronize the data.

Multimedia Sync

Multimedia Sync plays media files in sync with the associated waveform recording. Users can view video, audio, or GPS files with the waveform recording to better understand recorded events.

Multimedia Sync opens a media file(s) and syncs it with the time of the recording. Then, the user can playback the data simultaneously and extract images/data for a report.


Overlay Recordings with GPS Timestamp

With the GPS timestamp capabilities of version 2023.1 and newer, you can overlay recordings with more exact data. Select the Overlay files using GPS option to resample and align files in the Batch File Processor dialog. The overlaid waveforms can help identify similarities and relationships between waveforms.

Viewing GPS Data in VR Mobile

VR Mobile is embedded software in the ObserVR1000 that users can control from a tablet or mobile device. Under GPS Readings, VR Mobile displays the status and live data feed from a connected GPS device.

view GPS readings in VR Mobile

The GPS status indicates if the GPS has reliable position tracking, also known as a “fix.” The user can preview the GPS input through the live data feed before recording.

The Display All Data checkbox displays summary data for quick verification and lists data feed details.

ObserVR1000 Connection

There is no configuration necessary to connect a GPS to the ObserVR1000. The hardware connects with an optional Garmin GPS 16x HVS module available from Vibration Research. Note, if acquiring the GPS module outside of Vibration Research, the GPS module cable connector must be modified or adapted to mate with the ObserVR1000.


The ObserVR1000 GPS connector is a D-Sub 9-position receptacle. The ObserVR1000 uses the NMEA 0183 standard, which formats raw data into the form of sentences; different data types use different types of sentences. The Display All Data option in VR Mobile displays the most recent sentences for each data type in raw data form followed by an interpretation of the raw data into a more readable form.

The recorded GPS data is written to a .nmea file, which is a common format that contains nearly all data the GPS is capable of emitting. It can be understood by many programs that work with GPS files and can be converted into many alternative formats such as .gpx or .kml.

If required, the GPS can be disabled by simply unplugging the GPS antenna.

Download ObserVIEW

GPS in ObserVIEW is a feature of the free basic license. Download the demo version of the software to view GPS data right away!

Download Free ObserVIEW Demo

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