VibrationVIEW 2019

Archived Software

Author Jade VandeKamp

In this webinar we discuss new features in VibrationVIEW, review different tips and tricks, and discuss test control and analysis. Some features being explored are:

  • Random: Spectrum Graph Option (FFT)
  • Random: Acceleration Vs Freq Graph – Option to Scale Y-Axis in G/rtHz
  • Random: Auto-annotate Peak Values on Acceleration vs Freq Graphs (Peak Tagging)
  • SoR/SoS: Define High and Low Abort Limits for each Sine tone
  • SoR/SoS: All notching options available with Sine and Random tests are now also available for SoR and SoS mixed-mode tests
  • Transient Capture: Enable an open loop (not controlled) output of a transient burst from an ObserVR1000
  • All: Query a List of Test Events with the Event Log Report Parameter
  • All: Show Event Log Event Markers On Time History Graph

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