VibrationVIEW 2019

Software Release

Author Jade VandeKamp

Length: 20m 08s

In this webinar we discuss new features in VibrationVIEW, review different tips and tricks, and discuss test control and analysis. Some features being explored are:

  • Random: Spectrum Graph Option (FFT)
  • Random: Acceleration Vs Freq Graph – Option to Scale Y-Axis in G/rtHz
  • Random: Auto-annotate Peak Values on Acceleration vs Freq Graphs (Peak Tagging)
  • SoR/SoS: Define High and Low Abort Limits for each Sine tone
  • SoR/SoS: All notching options available with Sine and Random tests are now also available for SoR and SoS mixed-mode tests
  • Transient Capture: Enable an open loop (not controlled) output of a transient burst from an ObserVR1000
  • All: Query a List of Test Events with the Event Log Report Parameter
  • All: Show Event Log Event Markers On Time History Graph

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