Remote Inputs & Outputs in VibrationVIEW


Author Jade VandeKamp

In this webinar, we discuss and demonstrate the different capabilities of the Remote Inputs and Outputs using the VR9500 and VibrationVIEW.

Use the remote terminals to connect your controller to operator station push-buttons, or integrate the controller with your chamber. This option enables the rear terminal block TTL level inputs and outputs. Each input can be configured to start, stop, and select tests. Remotely control the sweep of your sine tests from wired push buttons. The optional data recorder can also be controlled with these inputs. The outputs can be used to indicate the status of the test in-process. Use up to eight TTL outputs, or choose six TTL outputs with two high current outputs on each VR9500.

  • Emergency Stop
  • System Monitor
  • Power Sequencer and Interlock (ED, Servo Hydraulic Shakers, Chambers)
  • Control External Devices – Programmable Outputs based on Test Level

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