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Capture Test Profiles with the Excel App


Author Jared Van Baren

Often, a test profile is presented as a table, standards document, or test description. From there, the user must manually enter the profile numbers into a breakpoint table before running the test. The entry process is not necessarily difficult, but it takes time and is susceptible to error, especially if the profile is complicated.

Rather than manually entering a breakpoint table, we suggest using an easy “hack” in Microsoft Excel to save time and avoid data entry error. With the Excel smartphone app, users can upload a photo of the test profile and the software will grab the data and autofill the spreadsheet. It’s an easy work-around that we find to be very helpful!

To use this feature:

    1. Download the free Microsoft Excel app to your smartphone
    2. Open the app and then take a picture of the printed test profile
    3. Insert the picture into a spreadsheet
    4. Move the spreadsheet to your PC
    5. Copy-and-paste from the spreadsheet into a VibrationVIEW breakpoint table

The following Quick Tips video shows the process in action:


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