Capture Test Profiles with the Excel App

Troubleshooting, Vibration Control

How many times have you been given a test profile as a table, printed in a standards document or test description? Probably more times than you can count.

Manually, you entered the profile numbers into a VibrationVIEW breakpoint table, then moved on to run the test. It’s not hard, simple actually, but it takes a few minutes and there is always the chance for error, especially if it’s a complicated profile with a long list of breakpoints.

Well, here is a quick hack to save some time and avoid data entry errors:

  1. Download the Excel app to your smartphone (its free).
  2. Open up the app, then take a picture of the printed test profile.
  3. Insert the picture into a spreadsheet .
  4. Move the spreadsheet to your PC.
  5. Copy and paste from the spreadsheet into your VibrationVIEW breakpoint table.

January 13, 2020




Troubleshooting, Vibration Control

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