Experimental Modal Testing Setup in ObserVIEW

Data Acquisition, ObserVIEW

In this quick tip video, Vibration Research runs through an experimental modal testing setup in the ObserVIEW software. For experimental analysis, an engineer uses a mechanical device, such as an impact hammer, to excite the structure and record its response.

A modal test setup includes a device to generate the excitation, transducer(s), and a data acquisition system. The structure is subject to an impact, the transducers attached to the structure record the response, and the output signal is sent to a dynamic signal analyzer such as the ObserVR1000.

Modal Testing in ObserVIEW

In ObserVIEW, the Modal Testing software collects responses to excitation with an impact hammer. The program calculates an average response for each hit location and generates a smooth transfer function (FRF). From there, the data can be exported to a modal software such as MEscope for further analysis.

ObserVIEW reads RPC® and RSP time waveform files and supports pasted traces. Organized transfer function data are exported to a UFF or another modal data format.

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