Fundamentals of Sine


Author Jade Vande Kamp

Sine is a standard test method in the vibration testing industry. Test engineers use it to identify resonances, validate fixtures, and qualify products.

A sine test profile outputs a single-frequency sine tone at a defined amplitude and time. To set up a sine test, the engineer needs to define a breakpoint table, configure the channels and safety limits, and schedule the test. There are also additional software capabilities to consider.

In this webinar, Vibration Research will walk through a modified sine test specification and discuss how to enter it into the VibrationVIEW software. The tutorial includes test parameters, tracking filters, graphing, and more. After watching the video, viewers will have the knowledge to set up and run a Sine test profile. They will also learn some tips and tricks for working in VibrationVIEW.

Sine Software

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