Accelerometer Calibration

Part number 9106


Automatic and accurate calibration and verification of IEPE and charge mode piezoelectric accelerometers or transducers…in your own lab. This package provides an easy interface to calculate accelerometer sensitivity.



Calibrate a vibration accelerometer accurately to determine its sensitivity at various frequencies of interest. VR uses the most convenient and least expensive technique (per ISO 16063-21): the back-to-back comparison method, approved by the International Society of Automation (ISA).

Save Time

VR knows your time is valuable. Our accelerometer calibration package eliminates the need to pack up each accelerometer for shipment back to the lab to be calibrated. Our package will reduce your downtime.

  • Custom Reporting Using Microsoft® Word
  • Back-to-back reference sensor
  • Reads and re-writes to TEDS sensors
  • Compare sensitivities and save new values
  • Test Profile Included
Accelerometer Calibration Webinar

Why perform sensor calibration?

  • Early detection of incorrect sensor sensitivity
  • Discover sensor defects
  • Higher level of confidence
  • Trust in your test results

Save Money

The VR calibration package can be used on all your accelerometers for one price, time and time again. Simply hook up each unit for calibration, run the 10-minute verification procedure, retrieve the report, and continue on with your day.

This package will allow the user to perform a sine sweep, controlling on a reference accelerometer, and produce a calibration report suitable for calibration record keeping. Automatically calculates the accelerometer sensitivity at the chosen frequency. Requires SineVIEW (VR9100), minimum 2 channel controller, and reference accelerometer.

Accelerometer Calibration Brochure

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