VR8500 Calibration (Reset Date)- Version 7


Author Jared Van Baren

Test options with the VR9500 control system

With the VR9500 Revolution control system you have a plethora of test options available to you. Want to try a test package before you you buy it ? No problem, just contact us or your local sales representative and we’ll send you a temporary key (all features open for a fixed time period – excludes Random Import and Fatigue Damage options).

  • Sine
  • Sine Resonance PhaseTrack & Dwell (RSTD)
  • Random
  • Sine-on-Random
  • Random-on-Random
  • Sine-on-Sine (Multi-Sine)
  • Sine & Random-on-Random
  • Kurtosion®
  • Random Import
  • Shock
  • Shock Response Spectrum (SRS)
  • User Defined Transient
  • Transient Capture
  • Fatigue Damage Spectrum
  • Field Data Replication(long time-history playback)

You can read more about VR9500 Controller and test options on our:

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