Shock Response Spectrum (SRS)

A variety of waveform synthesis generation techniques included. SRS is available as an optional test capability under ShockVIEW test module.


Part number 9302


Easy test entry

Frequency/amplitude breakpoints of the background random acceleration spectrum are entered in an easy to read tabular form using frequency and amplitude breakpoints. 200 separate frequency/amplitude breakpoints can be entered, allowing entry of virtually any test.

SRS analysis

SRS Package adds Shock Response Spectrum (SRS) plots to shock and transient capture test modes.

SRS generation

Supports many generation techniques including linear and exponential chirp, wavesyn, burst random, linear and exponential chirp on burst random, enveloped random, burst sine, or iterate from user waveform.

Manual Wavelet manipulation

Manually adjust all the parameters of the underlying wavelets, or allow VibrationVIEW to automatically create and run without intervention.

Data plots

SRS Pseudo Velocity and SRS Acceleration plots. Acceleration for primary (+), primary (-), or Maxi-Maxi. Graphs can be easily auto-scaled or zoomed, and cursors displayed. Data and text annotations can be easily placed on the graphs, with data values updated live as the data changes.

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