Demo Download - ObserVIEW

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Open, view, and edit time history waveforms, playback time-history data with synchronized audio, video, and GPS, and perform a live analysis of time-history data.

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The ObserVIEW software can be connected to all Vibration Research I/O units including the VR9500, VR10500, and ObserVR1000.

  • Basic
    • View stored data
    • Edit and export waveform data
    • Perform basic data analysis
    • View associated GPS data

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  • Advanced Analysis
    • Resampling
    • Filtering
    • Advanced data analysis (PSD, transfer function, etc)
    • Multimedia sync
  • Sine Tracking, Analysis and Generation (STAG)
    • Access Advanced package
    • Order analysis and extraction
    • Generate accelerated Sine-on-Random tests
  • Modal Testing
    • Access Advanced package
    • Perform modal capture


Computer Specifications for ObserVIEW Software