Live Analyzer

View and analyze data in real-time with the ObserVIEW Live Analyzer feature. Live Analyzer can be used as an alternative to post-process evaluation or as an addition to a current process. Observe data from any VR hardware in a live stream and make note of potential events of interest as they occur. 


Why Wait

With Live Analyzer, you don’t have to wait until post-process to begin data analysis. Pause the live analysis to select, analyze, and export a section of the time waveform. (The time waveform is saved in the background similar to a DVR while paused.) In Live Analyzer, the analyzer and graphs can be saved along with the recording. Use the ObserVIEW graphing packages to view the live stream in the graphs most applicable to your test objectives such as a PSD and FFT. 

VR Mobile

The Live Analyzer feature provides the opportunity for additional customization to a data acquisition process. Available for use in both ObserVIEW and VR Mobile when connected to any VR hardware. (VR Mobile can be displayed in the side pane of a live analyzer session.) 

Live DVR

When a device is connected to ObserVIEW in a Live Analyzer session, the user has access to the full spectrum of analysis controls while live data is streamed in from the device. The user can pause the incoming data to perform a more in-depth analysis and export a waveform. They can then resume without losing any of the data that occurred while the data stream was paused, so long as the data was paused for less than the user-configurable buffer duration period.

With Live Analyzer, users can access all graphs. (Note: DVR must be paused/stopped to use the spectrogram graph option.) In Live Analyzer, data is buffered like a DVR and the length is configurable. Users can scrub through past data and pause/resume live data without losing samples.


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