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Live Analyzer

View and analyze data in real-time with ObserVIEW Live Analyzer. Observe a live stream of data from any VR hardware and note potential events of interest as they occur. You can pause live data playback to analyze an event; the data will continue to stream in the background without loss.

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Why Wait?

With Live Analyzer, you do not have to wait until post-process to begin data analysis. Pause the live stream to select, analyze, and export a section of the time waveform. Then, resume the data feed without losing any of the data that occurred while it was paused.

Live Analyzer can record live data to a disk in addition to a rolling memory buffer, allowing engineers to record two places at once.

Any customer with a current U&SA agreement has access to Live Analyzer. The purchase of VR hardware includes one free year of U&SA.

Waveform Analysis

In a Live Analyzer session, access to ObserVIEW’s analysis tools while live data is streamed in from the device. Pause/stop the incoming data to perform a more in-depth analysis.

Analysis Controls Include

  • Frequency domain: FFT, PSD, transfer function, and more
  • Trace settings: lines, frames, averaging degrees-of-freedom, and window functions
  • Edit data: select, cut, copy, append, and transition waveforms
  • Math traces: plot a user-defined math equation

Data is buffered like a DVR, and the length is configurable. You can scrub through data and pause/resume live data without losing samples.

Graphs and Reporting

Export a section of the time waveform to a permanent .vfw file for further post-process analysis or comparison. You can also apply graphs such as a PSD and FFT during the live analysis.

VR Mobile

The Live Analyzer feature offers additional options while data recording. It is available for use in both ObserVIEW and VR Mobile when connected to any VR hardware. VR Mobile can be displayed in the side pane of a Live Analyzer session. A user in the field can stream from a mobile device simultaneously with a user on a desktop in the lab.

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VR Mobile

I/O Units

Compatible with All VR Hardware

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The ObserVIEW software can connect to all VR hardware. Most often, ObserVIEW is coupled with the ObserVR1000. The two have tightly integrated designs to record, analyze, and report field data.

Why ObserVIEW?

Live Analyzer provides live feedback and immediate response. It can be used as an alternative to post-process evaluation or in addition to a current process.

The ObserVIEW software is primarily a time-domain analysis tool. Most significantly, engineers can view, analyze, and edit waveforms to suit the test framework.

ObserVIEW also includes advanced analysis tools for actions such as generating sine-on-random tests, performing octave analysis, and running modal tests.

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