ObserVR1000 front panelObserVR1000 back panel


Signal Analysis Hardware

4 - 128 available inputs

128kHz simultaneous sample rate for control and analyzer


6+ hour battery life (additional 6 with battery pack)

802.11 b/g/n WiFi & Gigabit Ethernet

24-bit analog to digital converter

Tachometer inputs

1451.4 TEDS class 1

+/-10V range

< -100dB THD+N

>100dB dynamic range

40V tolerant inputs - transient protection

On-board storage (SD or WiFi to PC)

1-year hardware warranty

Smart Recorder & Analysis Package

Triggering on events, recording comparison, transient capture, and more

Touch the ObserVR1000 with near field communication, and the VR Mobile app instantly creates a WiFi connection.

Select a trigger level, slope, channel, and duration to capture transient events.

Event trigger (start recording) on vehicle startup, defined G-levels, transient events, and more.

Record sound from a headset or microphone for octave analysis and audio playback.

Mobile App

Smart setup, monitoring, and interaction with the ObserVR1000

VR Mobile App

Do More with Your Data

Analyze, Create, Run

ObserVIEW screenshot showing data from gravity flight
VR Mobile screenshot on smartphone
ObserVIEW track data

Hardware Versatility


Data Recorder

The versatility of the ObserVR1000 dynamic signal analyzer suits many test setups. Connect it to WiFi and collect data in the field. With the VR Mobile application, you can even monitor the data stream from a distance.

In the lab, connect via Ethernet and watch the recording in real time with the Live Analyzer feature. You can also monitor a test item’s fatigue damage with the Live FDS software.

Vibration Controller

Do you also perform vibration testing? Conveniently use the ObserVR1000 to drive any electrodynamic or servo-hydraulic shaker. The ObserVR1000 is compatible with the VibrationVIEW software to control vibration test profiles.

ObserVR1000 thumbnail


Vibration Research controller setup

Gather Data Specific to Your Product

In the end, understanding the operational environment and using recorded data to develop a correlated test is faster and costs less. Remember: bad testing is not testing! Upfront knowledge of failure modes and mechanisms with objective pass/fail criteria is essential. Using quality field-recorded data to develop a customer-correlated test mitigates risk and minimizes the probability of issues down the road.

Live Analyzer

Analysis in Real-time

With Live Analyzer, you don’t have to wait until post-process to begin data analysis. View data in real-time and then pause the live stream to select, analyze, and export a section of the time waveform. Access the ObserVIEW graphing packages, employ averaging, analyze tachometer channels, and more.

Live Analysis

ObserVIEW Live Analyzer Screenshot

Alternate Hardware

VR9500 & VR10500

Conveniently use the VR9500 or VR10500 as signal analysis hardware. Analyze with higher channel counts up to 256kHz sample rate.


VR9500 and VR10500



Autonomous Data Acquisition

In VR Mobile, set up actions to occur automatically following an event; after the trigger, the ObserVR1000 will record data without intervention. This feature saves time and ensures accuracy and consistency during recording.


Fatigue Damage

Live or Post-process Analysis

With Fatigue Damage Spectrum, calculate the amount of fatigue your product will experience in a lifetime. Then, monitor your test to determine how long it will take for the product to arrive at the lifetime of accumulated fatigue. The ObserVR1000 includes the length of time to reach fatigue in each axis.

Fatigue Damage Analysis

Live FDS software slideshow

Assembly Line Robot DAQ

Robot arm

Laser Vibrometer

EV Battery DAQ

Drone DAQ

Transient Capture

Hammer connected to ObserVR1000

Vibration Controller

Surveillance DAQ

ObserVR1000 setup

Cabin Noise

microphone on mic stand in vehicle

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