Media Sync

Multimedia Sync allows media files to play in combination with a waveform recording. A video file, for example, can provide valuable information about events occurring during a recording. The Multimedia Sync tool opens video files and time-syncs it with a data recording; users can view the video and the data playback together, and even extract images for a report.


Sync GPS Location

View GPS Data opens a map view with associated GPS data markers. The MapVIEW lets users view associated GPS data as markers on a map.

  • A Triangle marker indicates the Head, nearest to the End of the time range
  • A Square marker indicates the Tail, nearest to the Beginning of the time range

The Color of each marker within the time range indicates the speed of the recorder at that marker in MPH.

  • Speed is represented on an RGB scale
  • Gray indicates a marker that falls outside the time range

Bike Video

Multimedia Sync

Multimedia Sync opens a multimedia player which automatically plays any associated video files. Video files are automatically included in the display if they are in the same directory as the .vfw file and have timestamps lining up with the recording time. If multiple video files are part of a continuous recording, they will appear in the media player as one video and play in order as a single playlist. Other media files (such as video files that were not loaded automatically, audio files…) can also be opened once the player is open.

Track Video

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