Instant Degrees of Freedom (iDOF)

Instant Degrees of Freedom® (iDOF) provides the smoothest control lines in the industry.


Part number 9210


Patented Innovation for Random Vibration

iDOF® is Vibration Research’s patented random vibration test module providing the smoothest control lines in the industry, enabling companies to run highly accurate vibration tests in a condensed period. This ensures a product is tested for just the right amount of time.

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Damaging Results

Bridging the Gap Between Lab and Reality

Vibration Test Technicians and Lab Managers appreciate the “perfect world scenario” that iDOF offers. It’s the innovation that the vibration control industry has needed for some time. As innovators in vibration control, Vibration Research listened to your needs and has responded!

In using iDOF, your PSD plots will:

  • Display incoming test data at all times of the test
  • Abide by the degrees of freedom prescribed by the user; and
  • Resets averaging during the changes in level

Test engineers can expect to quickly see a smooth line except when real-life resonances and vibration patterns dictates that a raggedness should appear. In those cases, you are able to make a decision to abort the test before your products are damaged in the process.

Too often, vibration tests are run to “force fit” a smooth line by running them at a low level (below demand) and taking that averaged PSD and simply multiplying it by a factor to bring it to full level. This method is invalid as it’s based on the false assumption that the behaviors of a product at a high level would exactly mimic that of it at a low level. This vibration testing protocol is unfortunately very common and is exactly why high value products are over and under tested.

Harness the exactness, efficiencies and peace-of-mind that iDOF now offers to vibration control practitioners.

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