Classical shock performs closed loop control of transient waveforms. Here’s what’s included:


Part number 9300


Standard Pulse Shapes

Select from half-sine, haversine, initial-peak sawtooth, terminal-peak sawtooth, triangle, trapezoid and square pulse shapes.

Control channel

The control signal can be a single input channel, or an average of 2 to 4 different input channels.

Test and Level scheduling

Repeat a pulse from 1 to more than 2 billion times, with a configurable repetition rate. Tests can be configured to run pulses at different amplitude levels.

Configurable safety limits

To protect your test article and shaker system, configurable acceleration and drive limits can be set by the user. The control input is also verified against shaker force, velocity, and displacement ratings.

Frequency Range

Standard frequency range is DC-4,990Hz. High Frequency Shock extends sample rates to 108,000 Hz (VR9303 High Frequency).


The controller automatically equalizes the response of the shaker/fixture/product prior to running the test. This equalization can be memorized and stored with the test to quickly start a test at full equalized level.

Shock Fundamentals Webinar

Data Storage

All of the test data can be stored to the disk for later retrieval. Data storage can be done manually, or programmed to automatically store at user-defined pulse intervals.

Data plots

Many graphical display options are available, including acceleration, velocity, displacement, output voltage, acceleration and drive spectra. Graphs can be easily auto-scaled or zoomed, and cursors displayed. Data and text annotations can be easily placed on the graphs, with data values updated live as the data changes.

Reference Output (Optional) VR9104

The second output channel supplies a reference signal to indicate when a pulse is running. This can be used to trigger external measurement devices.

Transient Waveforms control (Optional) VR9301

Used to import a time domain user specified transient. Typical use is the Belcore earthquake test.

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Shock Response Spectra control – SRS (Optional) VR9302

Runs a shock pulse defined by a frequency vs G peak table. Many different waveform synthesis generation techniques included.

SRS Software


Shock Transient Capture (Optional) VR9304

Capture a transient waveform for post process. Use alone for data acquisition or with SRS for Shock Response Spectra analysis.

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