Field Data Replication (FDR)

Playback your recorded data in real-time

Reproduce recorded field acceleration measurements on a shaker with FDR. The software performs an iterative time-history playback to replicate waveforms, including high peak accelerations.


Part number 9400


Reproduce Waveforms

Random vibration testing is a standard option to bring a device under test to failure. However, while random tests produce a waveform similar to the field data, they may omit high peak accelerations that cause the most damage in the field. Engineers can use the Field Data Replication (FDR) software to reproduce a test environment, including the high peaks, on a shaker in the lab.

With FDR, the test engineer can playback a recorded time-history file as a control reference. By replicating a waveform from the field environment, FDR includes higher intensities. The result is 1:1 replication. The test does not have to be random, as the goal of an FDR test is to replicate any environment.


Data Import

In VibrationVIEW, the engineer can import waveforms from data recorders with analog input, a digital wave, or text files. Waveforms can be up to 45 hours long at a 26,000Hz sampling rate (with VR9403 High-Frequency option) or up to 1 year at a 100Hz sampling rate.


Engineers can apply a filter to the data stream. A low pass filter, high pass filter, or notch filter can be applied and modified during the live stream, and the VR controller will automatically adjust the control. This capability allows different frequencies to be removed as the test is running.


EditVIEW is included with the Analyzer software. It is useful when collected data has prolonged quiet periods that are not wanted in the final data file.

Field Data Replicator Reference (Output) VR9401

Play any uncompensated reference waveform in sync with the control waveform. This software add-on provides a spectrum analyzer with the reference waveforms for external verification of the results. It can also sync a pre-recorded trigger signal (e.g., tachometer, cylinder firing, etc.) or additional environmental factors (e.g., motor RPM, temperature, etc.) with the recorded vibration.

FDR Webinar

VR Controllers

VR controllers automatically equalize the response of the shaker, fixture, or product prior to running the test. This equalization can be memorized and stored with the test to start a test at the full equalized level. The frequency range of the output signal is configurable, and a frequency band can be notched out of the signal.

VR9500 and VR10500 Stacked

VR9500 I/O Unit

Vibration Research’s best-selling control hardware for vibration and shock testing. Scalable to 128 channels and compatible with all electrodynamic and servo-hydraulic shakers. Features include up to 200kHz sample rate and 2 outputs.

VR10500 I/O Unit

Vibration Research’s high channel count control hardware for vibration and shock testing. Scalable to 512 channels and compatible with all electrodynamic and servo-hydraulic shakers. Features include up to 256kHz sample rate and 4 outputs for multiple shakers.

Multi-Shaker Control

1 to 4 control loops can be run simultaneously to control up to 4 shakers with 4 separate waveforms independently.

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