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Monitor Your Vibration Test Remotely

With the Web Server and Email Notifications feature, engineers can monitor a system’s status anywhere in the company or anywhere in the world with a cell phone or computer. The Web and Email options eliminate expensive down-time. Send the emails to your cell phone at the end of a test or view the test live with the Remote Interface option.

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Remote Monitoring Interface

With the Web Server feature in VibrationVIEW, control your vibration shaker test remotely with an iPad or Windows tablet. Use the remote interface to select, start, and stop tests. In Sine, easily change the sweep direction, amplitude, or hold frequency.

The user can access the web page any time during the vibration test and customize the web pages to match company branding.

Remote interface on a tablet

How to Set Up an Ad Hoc Network

Set up a network that allows a tablet and computer to connect and communicate. Then, monitor and control your vibration tests from anywhere.


Livestream to YouTube

With the Web Server feature, test labs can live stream a video recording of their test to YouTube. Not only is this convenient for test engineers, but it is also beneficial for customers of test labs who need/want to view a test.

Live stream a vibration test to YouTube

Quick Tip Video: Remote Test Monitoring & Control


Email Notifications

Is your lab facility backlogged with vibration tests that you need to conduct?
Do you want to know when a test completes so you can get another test running ASAP?

Vibration Research’s Email Notifications feature instantly informs test engineers when a test completes or aborts. With immediate status updates, lab facilities can efficiently use their shaker systems and save time from visiting the lab area to check on test status.

Email or Text Alerts

With the Email Notifications feature, the user enters their email address/phone number and specifies the conditions to receive email or text alerts. Options for email notifications are:

  • Specified time intervals
  • End of the test or test abort
  • Changes in the test schedule
  • Information about abort errors

Rather than the shaker sitting idle between tests, test engineers can immediately know the test status and, consequently, can quickly and efficiently remove the test product to perform another test on the shaker system.

VibrationVIEW Email Notification Configuration

To set up email notifications, the engineer enters an email address/phone number and SMTP Server information from IT personnel and selects the email and delivery options.

The software then sends an email or text message to report your system’s status. Receive notification from the computer if the test aborts or completes. If you run a test over the weekend, it is also possible to receive a notification every X minute.

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