ObserVR1000 Front PlateObserVR1000 Back Plate



4 - 128 available inputs

128kHz simultaneous sample rate


6+ Hour Battery Life (Additional 6 with battery pack)

802.11 b/g/n WiFi & Gigabit Ethernet

24-bit Analog to Digital converter

Tachometer Inputs

1451.4 TEDS class 1

+/-10V range

< -100dB THD+N

>100dB dynamic range

40V tolerant inputs - transient protection

On Board Storage (SD or Wi-Fi to PC)

1 Year Hardware Warranty

Smart Recorder & Analysis Package

Triggering on events, recording comparison, transient capture, and more

Touch an ObserVR1000 with NFC and the VR Mobile app instantly creates a Wi-Fi connection.

Select a trigger level, slope, channel, and duration to capture your transient events.

Event trigger (start recording) on vehicle startup, G-levels, transient events and more.

Record all time reference and location data automatically during signal recording.

VR Mobile

Smart setup, monitor and interaction with the ObserVR1000

VR Mobile App

Vibration Control

Conveniently use the ObserVR1000 to drive any Electrodynamic or ServoHydraulic Shaker

Do More with your data

Analyze, create, run

Download Demo Software