Dynamic Signal Analysis


The ObserVR1000 collects data with the press of a button. Ready to get started? Simply connect a handheld device (iOS and Android apps available) or PC to set up the ObserVR1000. Stream your data to the SD card while running other test modes, or use independently as a field data recorder.

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ObserVR1000 Hardware

The ObserVR1000 comes in 4 or 16 channel configurations along with a 128kHz simultaneous sample rate. It is also equipped with TEDS interface, WiFi connection, GPS, Tachometer inputs and a 6+ hour battery life. Your confidence will be at an all-time high during your day-to-day recording.

Interested in a demonstration unit? Contact the sales team directly for a trial device with all software enabled (based on availability).

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VR Mobile Interface

VR Mobile is a tool for vibration test and measurement professionals allowing for smart setup on the ObserVR1000 or live vibration test monitoring using any iOS or Android device. It also contains engineering calculators, a light strobe, a noise SPL meter, and accelerometer. All of this from your mobile device!

  • Effortless Connection to ObserVR1000
  • Remote Interface to collect and monitor data
  • Unit Conversion
  • Sine & Shock Calculators
  • Max Acceleration Calculator
VR Mobile

ObserVIEW Software

Take powerful and intuitive test analysis from your desk to the field. VR’s ObserVIEW software runs on any Windows PC, laptop or tablet. Use it to analyze recorded vibration and shock data, producing the FFT or PSD graphs that give real insight into physical behaviors.

  • Edit Time Waveforms (VFW)
  • PSD/FFT Analysis
  • Transfer Function
  • Cross Spectrum
  • Coherence
  • Transmissibility
  • Various export recording file types
ObserVIEW Software


You won’t need training to configure and use the ObserVR1000 for data acquisition; its clean design is optimized for easy field use. VR does deliver 2-day training seminars covering a range of vibration testing topics, including best practices for designing field tests. If interested, please consult the VR sales team.



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