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U&SA: A Smart Business Decision

Vibration Research offers an Upgrades and Support Agreement (U&SA) that delivers three dimensions of real value:

Vibration Research Lifetime Hardware Warranty

VR’s Warranty is unique in the industry


Your U&SA includes continual extensions to the 3-year full hardware warranty at purchase. Keeping your U&SA up-to-date means you have a lifetime warranty, which is a terrific hardware insurance policy. No other company in the vibration testing industry offers anything like it.

A U&SA also includes continual software updates, so you always have access to our latest features, essentially a software insurance policy. Like any insurance, the value lies in risk avoidance.


Your U&SA provides unlimited technical support

U&SA customers get unlimited technical support from VR. When our support experts help your team solve a pesky test problem, the team saves time, and time really is money for any business. If the fully burdened cost of a test engineer is $100/hour (pretty conservative) and VR support cuts problem resolution from 8 hours to 2 hours (also conservative) on 10 problems a year, then the savings are $125 x 6 x 10 = $7,500.

U&SA also saves you money on Calibration Verification. You get an Automated Calibration Verification software license, so you perform the Verification in your own shop, and a 50% discount if you choose to send your hardware back to VR for Verification.


VR support experts do more than solve problems, they help test engineers work more efficiently. It may be quickly honing in on the best test method for a specific product issue or sharing tips on faster ways to create reports. Even a small boost in efficiency delivers value to your business. The $125/hour (fully burdened) engineer costs your business $200,000 a year. A 5% efficiency increase is worth $10,000.

Assess your own situation

    • How much equipment risk is acceptable?
    • What are realistic calculations for savings related to faster problem resolution?
    • How much is Calibration Verification worth to your operations?
    • What is the dollar value of increased test engineer efficiency?

We’re confident that you’ll see the U&SA as a good business decision.

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July 11, 2019


Jared Van Baren


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