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High Frequency

Part number 9103, Part number 9203, Part number 9303, Part number 9403

VR9103, VR9103a, VR9203, VR9303, VR9403

Perform High-frequency Vibration Testing

Extend the upper-frequency range of standard test modules in VibrationVIEW. The high-frequency vibration testing option is available for the Sine, Random, Shock, and Field Data Replication modules.

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Why High-frequency?

Some field environments contain energy at high frequencies (>5,000Hz), particularly in the event of cyclical stress, resonance, or transient shock. A test engineer must work in a realistic frequency range to identify potential fatigue damage.

If a test item experiences high frequencies while in use, then the test system—including the software, shaker, and sensors—must be able to support high-frequency vibration testing.

VR5200-HF Shaker

VR5200HF high-frequency electrodynamic shakerThe high-frequency version of the VR5200, with its slightly heavier armature, has an extended full force frequency range of up to 14,000Hz with operation to 20,000Hz at 7F-lb pk sine.

Available in two different impedance ranges, the VR5200-HF series is an easy match to most amplifiers yielding the maximum system performance.

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Get Started

The high-frequency option is an add-on to the Sine, Random, Shock, or FDR test modules. Contact Support to request the add-on software or demo software.

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Test Modules

HF Sine (VR9103) extends the upper frequency from 4,900Hz to 50,000Hz. Requires the Sine test module (VR9100).

HF Random (VR9203) extends the upper frequency from 4,900Hz to 50,000Hz. Requires the Random test module (VR9200) and, if exporting, an export license (VR699).

HF Shock (VR9303) extends the sample rate to 108,000Hz. Requires the classical Shock test module (VR9300).

HF FDR (VR9403) extends the sample rate to 65,536Hz. Requires the FDR test module (VR9400) and, if exporting, an export license (VR-ELA).

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