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User Defined Transient

Create a Transient Waveform

Import a pulse shape from a recording, select a pre-defined pulse shape, or enter an equation to create a short-duration waveform. Included are predefined equations for sine beat, cosine beat, triple sine beat, linear chirp, exponential chirp, burst random, and enveloped burst random.

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Meet Test Specifications

Test specifications such as the IEEE-344 specify fragility and resonance tests that require short-duration—or transient—waveforms. The User Defined Transient software offers several ways to easily create waveforms that meet these specifications. With the pre-defined option, simply select the desired waveform type, enter the specification’s parameters, and click Create Waveform.

Pre-defined Pulse Types

  • Sine beat
  • Cosine beat
  • Damped sine wave
  • Teardrop sine wave
  • Multiple sine beat
  • Linear chirp
  • Exponential chirp
  • And more

User-Defined Option

The user-defined option allows for a custom waveform equation with a user-defined duration and up to five parameter values. It supports the Math Traces syntax and functions and several others specific to the user-defined feature. The user can also apply a low pass or high pass filter to remove undesired frequencies.

user defined option for creating a new waveform

Import File

Import a waveform from a recording and the software will scan the file and automatically determine the sample rate and file units. After any manual adjustments, the software copies the contents of the file into the user-defined waveform buffer and prepares a user-defined transient test to run on a shaker.

Record Data for Import

ObserVR1000The ObserVR1000 is a portable dynamic signal analyzer used for field recording of vibration data. It offers autonomous control capability with the VR Mobile application.

Signal Analysis Hardware


  • Earthquake/seismic testing
  • Transient waveform replication
  • Short-duration waveform replication
  • Arbitrary periodic waveform creation
  • Synthetic pulse generation
  • And more



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Fulfill Seismic Test Specifications

Structures and equipment installed in seismically active regions must be designed to protect the operating equipment in the event of an earthquake. With the VR9500/VR10500, the user can perform single/multi-axis earthquake testing that meets test standards using an earthquake test template or user-defined time transient.


IEEE-344 Parameters

Generate a coherence plot to graphically demonstrate the frequency stationarity of the transient event data. IEEE 344 requires a minimum of 15 seconds for one simulated seismic event, which can be separated into at least 12 segments.

Another method of showing frequency stationarity uses a time interval power spectral density (PSD) and builds a waterfall plot from the individual slice PSDs. The waterfall plot must show that all frequencies are statistically present to a similar degree for each time interval.

IEEE 344 parameters in the user defined transient software

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