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We are committed to solving our customers’ toughest testing problems. Customer requests and project collaboration guide our development team as they add new, industry-leading capabilities to ObserVIEW every year. Check out the highlights of version 2022!

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Fatigue Damage Spectrum (FDS)

Test Profile Development and Real-time Fatigue Measurement

In Live Analyzer or post-process, assess a product’s relative fatigue damage and perform a real-time measurement to indicate when a test achieves desired levels. Advanced tools allow you to generate a random test (PSD) with recorded data or projected fatigue damage.

  • Analyze fatigue damage of a test profile and compare it to a reference
  • Generate a fatigue damage spectrum (FDS) from a time waveform
  • Generate an accelerated FDS test spectrum
  • Generate a random PSD test profile using projected fatigue damage

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Live FDS ObserVIEW multigraph


Convert Time Data to Velocity and Displacement

Perform a unit conversion from acceleration to velocity or displacement on time, FFT, PSD, and STAG graphs.

  • AVD conversion on time dataAutomatically performs integration/differentiation
  • Allows for a user-specified integration corner frequency
  • Includes the option to add a low pass or high pass filter after conversion
  • Takes seconds to process gigabyte-sized recordings

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Shock Response Spectrum (SRS)

Add an SRS trace to a graph to analyze complex transient shocks. The SRS can be copied over to VibrationVIEW to generate an SRS shaker test profile.

Overlay Recordings

New updates make it easier to overlay recordings, so they start and finish at relatively the same time.  Now, you can automatically overlay recordings within the software. Version 2022.1 uses a command-line GUI tool to do so.

Batch File Processor Interface

Explore ObserVIEW’s command-line capabilities through a new user interface. Modify multiple files with filtering or resampling, select the conversion file type, and more.

ObserVIEW Batch File Processor

Audio Channels

Data in ObserVIEW can be played back as audibly from the computer speakers as an additional tool for analysis. It also works with a Live Analyzer connection. The sound of vibration data can help engineers validate a test profile or identify significant events.

Tolerance Line

Compare trace(s) to a tolerance line to determine when a recording exceeds its levels. The software uses a red/green color indicator for easy identification.

Technology Previews

Test out features in development before the next release.

3D Graph Options: Waterfall, Line Style, Color Styles

ObserVIEW version 2022.1 and later includes a three-dimensional (3D) view of all graph types. New line styles for 3D spectrogram plots include waterfall, lines, wireframe, and dots.

Math Traces

In ObserVIEW, you can now create a math trace to display the result of a math function. The math function is a free entry field that builds a trace using existing trace data operated on by functions and operators.

Additional Previews

  • Linear average of overlapped FFTs over the desired time range
  • In-place high/low-pass time filtering

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