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New VR10500 Channel Count Configuration Options

Author Cherie Stoll

All Vibration Research hardware can function as a vibration controller. The VR10500 is the most recent model to enter the market as a high-powered option for advanced vibration testing. Its features include:

  • 16 Channel Systems
  • Up to 512 Input Channels
  • Multiple Shaker Systems
  • Up to 6 Outputs (4 Analog and 2 Digital)
  • Controller & Analyzer Combination
  • Advanced Controller Configurations

Upon its release, VR already had many plans for future functionalities of the VR10500. Within its first year on the market, the team increased the maximum channel count from 256 to 512. In the VibrationVIEW 2021.1 software release, VR expanded the controller’s configuration options to support eight and twelve-channel configurations (previously increments of 16 only).

Customers can select from the following options: 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, and 32. After 32 channels, the channel count increases by increments of 16.

What Does This Mean for You?

Reduced Cost

The number of channels plays a significant factor in the price of a vibration controller. With these expanded configurations, customers have more customization options and thereby more pricing options. For example, your day-to-day testing may require more than 16 channels but significantly less than 32. Now, you can select a controller that better suits your testing needs and budget.

Streamlined Test Setup

Smaller configuration options can reduce the amount of space the units take up on a shelf. It may reduce the number of power cables, and the network cable requirements may also decrease.

Input Capabilities of the VR10500

Vibration Research VR10500 Controller Front Panel

Up to 512 inputs can be used simultaneously and at the same sample rate, and any combination of channels can be used to create an optimal control or limiting solution. All 512 channels can be fully functional at once and used at the maximum 256kHz sample rate.

Future Software Development

The increased processing power and channel count of the VR10500 create new testing opportunities, and the improved user interface allows for high channel count configuration. There are also many opportunities for new software features.

Software development for the VR10500 is currently underway. If your team would like to be a part of the development process, please contact your sales representative for more information.

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