Transient Capture

Capture a transient waveform for post processing. Use along for data acquisition, or with SRS for Shock Response Spectra analysis.

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Part number 9304


Record your transient events

Transient capture provides a simple interface to record transient events. Select a trigger level, slope, channel, and duration.

Simple Independent Triggers

Select all or any combination of channels to trigger an event.

Open Loop Output

Use the open loop sine chirp or random output to drive a modal shaker.

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Shock Response Spectra Analysis (optional) VR9302

Specify and display a SRS spectrum. Analyze SRS of each pulse as it is captured.

SRS Software

Data Plots

Many graphical display options are available, including acceleration, velocity, displacement, and acceleration spectra. Graphs can be easily auto-scaled or zoomed, and cursors displayed. Data and text annotations can be easily placed on the graphs, with data values updated live as the data changes.

Shock Software


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