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We are committed to solving our customers’ toughest testing problems. Customer requests and project collaboration guide our development team as they add new, industry-leading capability to VibrationVIEW every year. Check out version 2020 highlights!

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Filtered vs. Unfiltered RMS param codes

Report parameters for channel RMS of filtered signal and unfiltered signal. Sine Tone signal tolerance requirements defined in ISO/IEC 60068-2-6 and MIL-STD-810H.

VibrationVIEW 2020.1 Filtered vs. Unfiltered

MIL-STD-810H Updates

Sine test settings Tolerances screenshot

Channel Tolerances, IEC 60068-2-6 (Filtered vs. Unfiltered) RMS

Select Te & Te calc methodSRS Analysis screenshot: Te and TE Calculation

Mil-Std 810H Blog

Meter*Hz Control

Meter*Hertz is an Amplitude*Frequency (AF) level unit that has been defined in several test standards. It is commonly used when testing products with High Q resonances where the resonance is affected by the method used to connect the product to the shaker.

Sine: Allow constant AVD in SRTD

When controlling SRTD in displacement, the appropriate displacement value will be maintained when the resonance drifts.

Acceleration vs. Time and Displacement vs. Time graphs

Sine on Random Test Settings

Random Sine on Random Test screenshotSoR: color required profile AVD values based on system limits. Indicated when SoR profile exceeds system limits based on ‘worst case scenario’.

Sine on Random Limit Check

ObserVIEW Sine Tracking Analysis and Generation (STAG) screenshot

Integration between VibrationVIEW, ObserVIEW and the ObserVR1000

Improved integration between VibrationVIEW and ObserVIEW; this includes a default to open, then view/edit/analyze recordings in ObserVIEW. Once in ObserVIEW, generate your own Sine on Random tests reflective of environments with dominant rotational tones that are rendered as sine tones on a shaker table. Also, multiple ObserVR1000’s can now be connected to VibrationVIEW (up to 128 channels).


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