Web & E-Mail Notifications

Part number 96030


Monitor and control your vibration tests from anywhere in the world.


Web & Email Notifications

With the Web Server / Email software option your system status can be easily monitored from anywhere in the company, or anywhere in the world with your cell phone or computer.

Emails can be sent to report your system’s status. Get an email from the controller computer if the test aborts or if the test is completed. If a test is run over a weekend it is also possible to get a notification every X minute.


Remote Interface

The web page can be accessed at any point during the vibration test so that they can be viewed to see how the test is doing (See Video). The Web pages can be edited to give them the look of your company, should you choose to do so.

The Web and e-mail option eliminates the expensive down-time easily. Simply send the emails to your cell phone at the end of your test or view the test live with the Web Server option.


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