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Use your VR controller as a field data recorder

The VR9500/VR10500 hardware controllers can function as a data acquisition system with RecorderVIEW. The software can stream all inputs and outputs to the hard drive of a PC while running other test modes, or the hardware can be used on its own as a field data recorder.

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Part number 9600


Record Waveform Data

With RecorderVIEW, there’s no need to buy extra equipment to collect data. The VR9500/VR10500 controller hardware can connect to a notebook PC and function as a data acquisition system.

Record field acceleration measurements directly to the PC’s hard drive. Plus, access all the features of the VR9500/VR10500, including:

  • Low noise floor
  • 24-bit resolution inputs
  • Built-in accelerometer constant current supply and TEDS transducer interface
  • Unique DC offset that allows a measurement to true DC with constant current type accelerometers.

Then, employ the VibrationVIEW software to set up and monitor vibration tests with the collected data.

VR9500 I/O Unit

Vibration Research’s best-selling control hardware for vibration and shock testing. Scalable to 128 channels and compatible with all electrodynamic and servo-hydraulic shakers. Features include up to 200kHz sample rate and 2 outputs.

VR10500 I/O Unit

Vibration Research’s high channel count control hardware for vibration and shock testing. Scalable to 512 channels and compatible with all electrodynamic and servo-hydraulic shakers. Features include up to 256kHz sample rate and 4 outputs for multi-shaker testing.

Simultaneous Control and Collection

The VR9500/VR10500 can be used simultaneously as a vibration controller and data recorder. The input channels used for control or monitoring can be recorded to the hard drive while the controller is running a test. Store the complete waveform time history of your test for later analysis.

Following the collection of data, analyze the waveform and generate test profiles with Vibration Research’s robust software packages.

Features of RecorderVIEW include:

  • Waveform length: collect waveforms up to 4 billion samples per channel. Waveforms can be over 22 hours at a 52,000Hz sampling rate, over 100 hours at a 10,000Hz sampling rate, and over 1 year at a 100Hz sampling rate.
  • Data plots: Access many graph display options, including all the graphs available with the standard control software packages.
  • Includes EditVIEW: For editing your collected data, useful when the data has long “quiet” periods that are not wanted in the final data file.

Complete Integration with Field Data Replication

Use the test wizard in the (optional) VR9400 Field Data Replication software to proceed directly from field measurements to reproduce the measurements in your lab. No additional calibration or translation steps are required. Simply record the data and immediately run it on your shaker in your test lab.

Integration with Random

Collect your field acceleration measurements, and automatically convert the time waveforms into a random spectrum using the (optional) VR9204 Random Import function.

Remote Start and Stop (Optional) VR9601

Use the (Optional) VR9601 Wired Remote or (Optional) VR9609 RF Wireless Remote options to trigger waveform recordings based on an external event, a simple toggle switch, or with wireless remote control.

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