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Access software functionality in other applications

Use the ActiveX interface to integrate your vibration controller with your manufacturing process. Control your test and evaluate controller status and graph data from LabVIEW, Visual BASIC, and other programs.

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What is ActiveX?

With ActiveX, users can access the functionality of an application through an external call or application and pass information between applications. ActiveX commands can be written in various programming languages, including Visual Basic and C++. It can also include a library of available commands for the specific application. If you prefer, you can skip the complexity of ActiveX and use the simple file-based interface.

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Active-X with VibrationVIEW

Operating Systems

VibrationVIEW can be installed as a native 64-bit application or a native 32-bit application. VibrationVIEWx64 (64 bit) requires 64-bit Windows Operating System and VibrationVIEW (32 bit) requires a 32-bit or 64-bit Windows Operating System. VibrationVIEWx64 ActiveX interface only works with 64-bit applications and VibrationVIEW (32 bit) ActiveX interface only works with 32-bit applications. You must install the version of VibrationVIEW appropriate for your application.

Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 (x64) Redistributable Package

Control VibrationVIEW with ActiveX

  • Excel: Use the developer tools to retrieve data and control software functionality from an Excel sheet. Start with the included examples or start from scratch.
  • Live File Control: Live update a text file with VibrationVIEW commands and the software will respond automatically.
  • Browsers
  • LabVIEW
  • Visual Basic

ActiveX functionality in Excel

Remote Control

Remote control requires the optional ActiveX component of VibrationVIEW. With the VibrationVIEW remote options, you can use the remote terminals to connect your controller to the operator station. Options include VR9601 (Digital Remote I/O) and VR9602 (Digital Remote I/O with Analog Inputs).

Remote Options

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