Remote Options

Use the remote terminals to connect your controller to operator station. Options include VR9601 (Digital Remote I/O) and VR9602 (Digital Remote I/O with Analog Inputs).


Part number 9602


VR9601 Digital Remote I/O

It is very common for a test to finish after normal business hours and after everyone in the lab has gone home. And even though the test is complete, your shaker, amplifier and blower remain powered on and consume energy. Additionally, since your equipment remains on and generating heat, your air conditioner continues to work hard to cool your facility. To make matters worse your blower expels the conditioned air which is like blowing money out the window. The VR9601 Wired Remote Control option can be used to shut down your shaker, amplifier and blower as a scheduled function upon the completion of any test.

  • Emergency Stop
  • System Monitor
  • Power Sequencer and Interlock (ED, Servo Hydraulic Shakers, Chambers)
  • Control External Devices – Programmable Outputs based on Test Level

Use the remote terminals to connect your controller to operator station push-buttons, or integrate the controller with your chamber. This option enables the rear terminal block TTL level inputs and outputs. Each input can be configured to start, stop, and select tests. Remotely control the sweep of your sine tests from wired push-buttons. The optional data recorder can also be controlled with these inputs. The outputs can be used to indicate the status of the test in process. Use up to eight TTL outputs, or choose six TTL outputs with two high current outputs on each VR9500.

The Wired Remote Control option can pay for itself in a short period of time.

Average hours/Month vibration equipment remains on after completion of test (less than 1 weekend) 40 hours
Typical hourly energy consumption of idle equipment (including the cost of air conditioning) 25 kw
Typical cost per kwH $0.10
Typical monthly energy cost of idle equipment $100.00
List price for VR9601 $800.00
Simple payback 8 Months


VR9602 Digital Remote I/O with Analog Inputs

All 8 inputs on the back of the VR9500 can be set up as analog DC Monitor Inputs. This allows the user to monitor, plot graphs, and store data from up to 8 analog signals, including armature current and voltage and field current and voltage. Software allows scaling to your desired engineering units from the +/-10 volt input range. User defined high and low trip points provide ability to shut down the test. You can now monitor the shaker’s armature voltage, armature current, field voltage, and field current, and shut down the system if out of tolerance.

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