VN0005 - Sine-on-Sine Testing

Technical Notes

Author Jordan Van Baren


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The Sine‐on‐Random VibrationVIEW software can be used to run the Sine‐on‐Sine tests in Version 9.


A customer asked me if we could help him with a new spec that came to him for testing. The spec included Sine‐on‐Sine testing and he was wondering if he had the capability to do this testing. He was familiar with the Sine‐on‐Random and the Random‐on‐Random testing modes from Vibration Research, but was wondering if he could run a new spec which needed Sine‐on‐Sine with no Random background noise.


To do this type of testing, the controller must be enabled to run a Sine‐on‐Random test.

Step 1
Select New Test in the VibrationVIEW software
Select the option to run a Sine‐on‐Random Test
Step 2
In the Table tab, keep the default Breakpoint Table entered here
Step 3
In the Schedule tab, enter the amount of time you wish the test to run as specified by the test spec
In the modifier section of the Schedule tab enter 0 and make the units ‘G RMS’
Step 4
Select the S‐o‐R tab, enter the Sine‐on‐Random tones that you want for this test
Verify that the Sine‐on‐Random mode checkbox is selected for this test at the top left

Once these steps are completed you are ready to run your Sine‐on‐Sine test. Click the Apply Button and start the test. Also Note: the Sine‐on‐Random Parameters tab allows you to further edit the test settings for your Sine‐on‐Sine Test.

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