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Data Acquisition


Vibration data collected during field trials provides critical insights into reliability and performance issues but getting accurate data isn’t easy. Challenges start with setting up a data collection configuration. For example, the data collection device needs to understand the accelerometer characteristics, accomplished by an extensive manual process.

After setup, controlling and monitoring data collection in the field creates another set of challenges. Problems may not be discovered until the testing is over and the data is being reviewed back in the lab, which means the field tests have to be run again. Or there may be sections with odd values, leaving engineers to wonder about the accuracy of all the data.

Yet another common problem with field data collection is formatting the data so it works smoothly with analysis software. If it’s valid, even poorly formatted data can probably be manipulated to work with your software, but that involves time and effort, impacting schedules and budgets.

The ObserVR1000 represents a new generation of technology for field data collection and analysis. Designed for mobile use, it is compact and battery powered, with an integrated SD card for data storage and weighing just 1.5kg. A test configuration, with up to 16 channels, is setup using a smartphone or tablet via a wireless connection; after setup, users can choose to monitor and control tests wirelessly or just let them run autonomously. An AutoTEDS features automatically detects and configures sensors, eliminating setup errors and reducing setup time.

Field testing and reporting efficiency is supported by full set of enhancing features, such as a microphone for adding spoken notes to a test record and a GPS interface for adding location information.

After data collection, files can be transferred to any Windows PC for post-processing and analysis by the ObserVIEW software tool. Developed in conjunction with the ObserVR1000, ObserVIEW can post-process time waveforms, producing FFT, PSD, and other graphs, then edit the content of those graphs. It can then export data in a variety of formats and generate customized reports.

The ObserVR1000 and the tightly integrated ObserVIEW software bring a new level of sophisticated technology to collecting field vibration data. Designed to be user-friendly, highly accurate and extremely reliable, they will work together to streamline your product testing.


September 14, 2018


Tom Roberts


Data Acquisition

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